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2016 Feb - D2 Green Bridge, SK

ABM Mosty has installed a new twin span arch over a busy motorway in Slovakia. The bridge reconnects the Alps and Carpathian Mountains allowing for the large wild animals as deer, brow bear or lynx to safely migrate between the two territories thus maintain their genome diversity.

2015 Oct - Posna, CZ

This arch bridge over Posna stream was replacing an existing small span frame with a new structure of 8m span. Interesting information about this bridge is that it has been designed wide enough to allow bats to fly through the structure following the stream. ABM Mosty installed the bridge in just two days.

2015 Aug - Liberec, CZ

The existing stone arch was in bad condition after over 155 years of service so it has been decided the structure would be replaced by a new arch structure. The ABM precast arch was chosen as the best system in terms of durability (simply reinforced concrete) and speed of construction, which is critical item on any rail works. ABM installed the structure incl wingwalls in just 16 hours.

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