Pedestrian Tunnel TP-2 w ciagu trasy Slowackiego w Gdansku

Project Pedestrian Tunnel TP-2 in the Slovak Route, in Gdansk (Sowackiego street)
Client Gdansk Municipal Investments Sp. of o.o.
Stage Complete

Fact File

Structure Precast arch elements – 52 m2 x 310 m2 flat
Span 19.84m
Height 6.78m
Length 37.5 m (15 segments po 2.5m)


Despite adverse weather conditions (temperatures of up to -25 ° C and heavy snow), the time of installation of the supporting structure was only 4 days. This shows clearly the advantage of prefabricated construction over reinforced concrete shell INSITU structures, in which the work in such weather usually stops.

With such rapid assembly and manufacture of prefabricated components off-site, we reduced the duration of the works on site, as well as reducing any adverse effects on the environment due to installation.

An additional advantage of such rapid of assembly is to minimize the risks associated with the works carried out on site.

Despite the rapidity of installation of the supporting structure, it retains its durability over the stipulated lifetime. This means minimal maintenance costs for the facility manager.

Costs relating to the construction of prefabricated reinforced concrete are very competitive when compared with other technologies.

Click here to view a YouTube video of the construction of the Renault F1 facility



Key Personnel

Main Board Directors
Pat O'Neill
Sean Minihane
Brendan O'Neill


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