Refurbishment of a road bridge Vyskov

Project Refurbishment of a road bridge Vyskov
Client County Council Usti nad Labem
Stage Complete
Description Construction of a new road bridge over a live double-line rail without any possession

Fact File

Structure Precast arch combination 91 wall x 145 roof
Span 15,3m (clear)
Height 8,8m (clear)
Length 22,5m as 9 rings by 2,5m + bridge wingwalls from


The road bridge spans a 2nd class road over a double-rail electrified track. The existing bridge structure was a three span bridge of precast pre-stressed beams, 30m in length, sitting on in-situ columns.

During an inspection of the structure it was found that the lower part of the bridge was in very bad condition. Also the waterproofing layers, bridge bearings and expansions joints were heavily damaged, i.e. the typically critical, and from a durability point of view , the weak points of a bridge structure of such kind. Based on these facts the employer and the consultant decided to demolish the existing bridge and to build a new structure - rather than to pursue the initially considered refurbishment of the old structure.

The employer and the maintenance authority chose a maintenance free buried system from ABM. This system doesn’t have any movable parts like bridge bearings or expansion joints. The waterproofing layers are protected by deep soil cover thus providing the maximum possible lifespan to the materials. Improvement is also expected in relation to noise polution in the nearby housing area as the new structure causes the production of less noise pollution caused by the unpleasant sound of cars running over bridge expansion joints.

Another advantage of the ABM system was the possibility to erect the structure without any disturbance to traffic below the bridge – in the case of the Vyskov bridge this was rail traffic. After the approval of the idea, ABM together with the consultant produced the design of the new bridge from the precast arch system consisting of 91m wall in combination with 145m roof providing clear width of 15,3m and height 8,8m. The width (or length) of the bridge is 22,5m and allows to carry over a road category S9,5 (i.e. 9,5m between road barriers) plus on one side a meter wide paving for pedestrians.

Four perpendicular wingwalls formed from the standard wall elements create the end treatment of the bridge structure. The bridge is on a 67degree skew. Therefore, one small spandrel wall is used on each side of the structure to hold the backfill in place. The installation was done with the help of a 350t crane only in 5 days without any rail possession required. The only affect was that the speed was limited to 25km/h and the power lines were switched off during the working hours.

Click here to view a YouTube video of how ABM construct a bridge in 3 days


Key Personnel

Main Board Directors
Pat O'Neill
Sean Minihane
Brendan O'Neill


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