Intersection Stupava - South, D2 x D4 Highway

Project Intersection Stupava - South, D2 x D4 Highway
Client Slovak Highway Agency - NDS a.s.
Stage Complete
Description Construction of a new highway bridge over a farm road

Fact File

Structure Frame precast system 8,0m x 5,7m
Span 8,0 (clear)
Height 5,7 (clear)
Length 22,5m as 9 rings by 2,5m + precast wing walls


The intersection at Stupava was opened to the public on the 1st August 2011. It is the crossing of the old D2 with the newly constructed D4. The new crossing is vital to the people of Stupava and surrounding areas for quick connection to Bratislava on their daily commute to/from work. The new 3200m long section is part of the planned Northwest bypass of teh Slovak capital which will be connected at the West to the 3,5km long section Devinska Nova Ves on the border of Slovakia/Austria. It would also connected at the East to the 16,7km long section up to Ivanka pri Dunaji.

Approximately 200m east from the crossing is a new frame bridge. the bridge is under the main line and was designed from the precast ABM buried structure. The bridge ha a clear span and height 8,0 x 5,7m and the structure is 22,5m long. The precast "L" shaped wingwalls of the bridge were also supplied and installed by ABM. The main bridge structure is founded on pilesdue to bad ground conditions. The client, Alpine Slovakia spol. s.r.o., greatly appreciated the speed of construction as the main structure, including the precast wingwalls were installed in just two days with minimal impact on other ongoing site works.

Click here to view a YouTube video of how ABM construct a bridge in 3 days


Key Personnel

Main Board Directors
Pat O'Neill
Sean Minihane
Brendan O'Neill


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