Caransebes Bypass - Bridge in km 7+375

Project Caransebes Bypass, Section C2.3, km 6+000 to km 8+500
Client C.N.A.D.N.R.
Stage Complete
Description Construction of a new road bridge over a dry valley

Fact File

Structure Arch Precat System 40 x 91
Span 11,6m (clear)
Height 6,3m (clear)
Length 13,5m as 6 rings by 2,25m


This bridge is one of the ten main structures on the Caransebes Bypass which are included in the national road DN6 which connects Timisoara with Bucharest. The total length of the bypass is around 12km, with a cross section of 12m, 2 x 3,5m for carriageway, 2 x 1,75m shoulders and 2 x 9,75m oversize margin. The road layer consists of 200mm sub-grade layer, 300mm of ballast, 300mm of crushed stone and 200mm of asphalt. The main structures of this bypass include two bridges over the rivers and Timis and Sebes and three overpasses over local infrastructures such as the railway line CF900 and CF917 and the national road DN68. The structure at chainage 7+375 was originally designed as an in-situ bridge. As a direct result of value engineering to provide cost and time savings, the main contractor selected the alternative design by ABM which consisted of a precast concrete arch. Copisa thereby reduced their project programme by approximately 30 days of construction time and they also reduced the overall bridge costs by approximately 10%.

Click here to view a YouTube video of how ABM construct a bridge in 3 days





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Sean Minihane
Brendan O'Neill


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