R161 Trim Road Realignment, Co. Meath

Project Bridge over river
Client Meath Co. Council
Stage Complete
Description Design and construction of river over bridge.

Fact File

Structure Matière CM4 25m²/25 m² sectional precast concrete
Span 6.7 m (internal)
Height 4.5m (internal)
Length 6.0m (3 no. Units @ 2.0m wide)


  • Road extension
  • Match existing older bridge
  • Live river to remain open


  • To accommodate the road extension ABM installed a Matière CM4 Arch to take the extra carriageway
  • ABM used Wing Walls with a stone clad finish to match the original structure
  • The unique design and installation of the Matière CM4 Arch allowed for the river to remain live and no not be redirected
  • The use of wing walls achieved the required gradient for the desired road height.

The Matiére system was originally developed in France for hydraulic structures in the 1980's, since then the system has been developed into a modular range of arch, box and portal frames for a wide range of transport and infrastucture applications. Indeed, some 10,000 structures already exsist worldwide exploiting soil structure interaction to minimise section sizes and allow rapid, cost effective on-site installation with precast units.

ABM hold the licence for the Matiére system in the UK and Ireland.

Click here to view a YouTube video of how ABM construct a bridge in 3 days


Key Personnel

Main Board Directors
Pat O'Neill
Sean Minihane
Brendan O'Neill


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