Reconstruction of Structures on the National Road No. 37 - Darlowo

Project Arched Structures - Structure No. 1 on the channel "4" in 1 079 km no 2 and the structure to a canal, "ZB" in 1 233 km
Client General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, a division of Szczecin
Stage Complete
Description Construction of two precast arches over waterways

Fact File

Structure Precast arch structure type: 7.5x15m2 and 12.5x20m2
Span 5.65m (internal) object 2: 4.8m (internal)
Height 3.38m (internal) object 2: 2.7m (internal)
Length 19.85m (7 segments of retaining walls 2.49m +) and Structure No. 2: 18.83m (6 segments of 2.49m, a segment of width 2.27m + retaining walls)

Advantages of ABM's Off-site Manufacture & Construction Methods

  • Installation of all structures takes only 5 days.
  • The rapid progress of the works aids in minimizing traffic congestion.
  • The precast elements are held off-site until required. Therefore any potential adverse affect on the environment during installation is minimal.
  • Despite a significantly accelerated assembly, durability is equal to or above other structures. This means minimal maintenance costs for the road manager.
  • The cost of construction of structures utilising off-site manufacturing of elements is competitive in comparison with other technologies

The rapidity of the installation assists in minimising the risk to ongoing works on the site

Structure No. 1 is designed with precast reinforced concrete arches. Two end segments have special upstands to match the object to a fall of the slope. In addition, both sides of the building have been designed to include retaining walls. The entire structure is placed on a foundation made of micro piles injection.

Structure No. 2 is also designed with precast reinforced concrete arches. From the outset it had different dimensions to Structure No. 1. On Structure No. 2 retaining walls are provided only on one side of the structure. In addition to standard segments with width 2.49m was used a special width 2.27m. Both schemes will be used to carry out carriageway width of 7m above the watercourse.

Click here to view a YouTube video of how ABM construct a bridge in 3 days


Key Personnel

Main Board Directors
Pat O'Neill
Sean Minihane
Brendan O'Neill


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