PPP Project Selenec Slovakia

Project PPP Project Selenec Slovakia
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ABM Mosty designed, manufactured and installed the precast structure for a new bridge on one of the first PPP motorways in Slovakia, the R1 Selenec – Beladice. The structure has a span of 7,1m with a rise of 3,2m and is 70m in length. Divided into two separate bridges, the shorter section spans a farmer road and the longer section spans over a local waterway. ABM used the Matiere CM4 modular arch system and the casting of the elements took place in ABM’s precast plant in Banska Bystrica.

The large skew of the bridge required a new and innovative design and installation approach by ABM - thus we created a specialised end-treatment using a triangular precast concrete infill element attached to the edge of the roof and wall elements to maintain the skew cut through the modular sections. The result is that the structure is cut into the embankment and blends naturally into the embankment without any exposed concrete areas. The total time required for the installation was a mere 6 days.

Click here to view a YouTube video of how ABM construct a bridge in 3 days

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